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This website offers a range of materials, personal reflections and resources for the study of issues relating to personal faith, social ethics and community leadership.

The blog section is a continuation of my blog of the same name: thinking honestly about life and faith, politics, ethics, leadership and community.

‘I like that’ is about books and ideas, quotations and valuable bits from my reading and studies.

‘Teaching’ is directly relating to the courses I am teaching and includes lecture materials and other resources about theology, leadership and social ethics.

‘Sermons and prayers’ — these are resources for leadership and teaching in faith communities, and are made available for those who wish to use them.

The image above presents the vista to the south west of Tasmania, from the summit of Mt Ossa. To reach this outlook, you have to walk a long way on the Cradle Mountain Overland Track and then a steep and sometimes dangerous climb. The outlook from the summit is only occasionally this clear: but when it is you can see 360 degrees, across an amazing expanse of mountains and lakes. Yes, there are clouds that also give character to the outlook. Behind is a great sense of achievement. Right there, a source of reflection. All around, a wonderland. And getting there was something we did together. All this is given to us, freely, to enjoy together.

This is the parable of faith and life.

About me

This site is owned and edited by Frank Rees: I’m a pastor by calling and background. Until recently, I was Principal of Whitley College, where I also taught Systematic Theology.

Now I am engaged in a number of activities. I’m an Associate Professor in the University of Divinity, where I hold the position of Chair of the Academic Board.  This is an exciting and rewarding role within a dynamic ecumenical community of 11 theological colleges.


I have also created my consultancy work to offer personal, pastoral and theological support to a range of individuals and groups. I hope to draw upon my educational, leadership and governance experience to continue contributing to various communities and colleges, in this way.

I am keen to engage with people who share my commitment to honest reflection on life and faith, whether this is from a specific religious affiliation or not.

I have enjoyed opportunities to travel and study for various periods in the United States, England, Thailand and India. Korea is also a place where I have strong links and friendships with colleagues and institutions of learning.

A particular focus of my work has been the development of teachers and leaders for theological seminaries or colleges in the ‘two-thirds world’.

This work expresses my strong commitment to contextual theologies: that means the local community of faith finding its own voice and its own distinctive expressions of faith and church community.

For an Australian, this seems to be a task we have yet to engage with, in any consistent way.

My teaching and research interests include contemporary approaches to christology and ecclesiology, and contextual theologies – especially Australian theology and spirituality.

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