Lives of Faith

15 Mar

This weekend I began teaching my class on Lives of Faith. It’s one of the most interesting topics in all the things I’ve taught. The unit is based on the methodology of James McClendon who wrote a book Biography as Theology, … Read More »

On the edge of the sacred

22 Jul

This semester I’m teaching about Church: and the search for authentic community. Part of that is about the nature of ministry. I have to wrestle with this myself, constantly. What does it really mean to engage as a representative of … Read More »

Meeting with Jesus

30 Nov

This semester I’ve been teaching a unit called Who is Jesus? It’s been a good class and we’ve had a good time together. Now I’ve finished the assessments and as always I feel that I have learned a lot from … Read More »

Ordination retreat

15 Sep

Tomorrow we will take nine ordinands on a retreat, just a few weeks before their ordination. This is one of the most rewarding and awesome elements in my job. It’s such a privilege to be a part of the journey … Read More »