Theological Compost

22 Oct

I’ve long been impressed by the biblical images of God as a gardener. One of the implications of that concept is that theology needs to include a place for compost. I have been engaging in a bit of theological composting … Read More »

The Listening God

8 Jun

Fred Schepsi’s film The Devil’s Playground   tells the story of his own growing up, through a Catholic boarding school, and of his own struggle to find faith. At one very poignant moment, the boy of 12 or 13 years, torn … Read More »

The search for God

29 May

There is a wide-spread search for meaning in contemporary society, taking many forms, only some of them relating to traditional forms of religion. For many people, ‘the church’ and ‘religion’ are not meaningful, even if once they were. Now, people … Read More »