Presence and Absence

23 Dec

It’s Christmas, and that for me is the celebration of a presence: the presence of God in the midst of ordinary life.
This  is the astonishing thought at the heart of the Christian faith.
Life is not meaningless, valueless, or inconsequential.
The world, and each of us within it, is precious to God and deeply, intimately, related to God.

Christmas is a time for celebration of life, together.
For so many of us, it is also a time of rushing, and so much doing, buying, and eating.
This can all be a big drag, or a time of deep renewal.

My wish for you, my readers and friends, for my family, and for myself, is that this Christmas will be such a time of renewal.
I am now taking a break, for three weeks or so. I intend to enter into the celebration of life, with simplicity  and joy. In my absence, I hope to know the Presence.
I wish this for you too.

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