A Good Word for Fathers!

6 Sep

Today's Age newspaper had a short editorial piece recognizing Father's Day, but more interestingly with a few good words for the situation of fathers in our all-too-hectic world: I felt encouraged, though not by the last two sentences!

Here it is, with acknowledgment to The Age, Sept. 6, 2009:

TODAY'S dawn brings to some master bedrooms a procession of burnt
toast and fried eggs, accompanied by offerings of undies, socks and
assorted hardware items. Many blokes bear the lesser burdens of
parenthood, but Father's Day provides some recognition of their
sacrifice; precious little sleep, even less sex, long hours to meet
those mounting bills and then – when puberty hits – snarling insolence.

fostering families being a political mantra, fathers get little
practical support from government and little understanding from
workplaces about spending time with their kids. Even so, older men are
returning to fatherhood for a second time, thanks perhaps to fading
memories. Or perhaps these once-hard lads are soft touches after all.

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